Co-parenting is hard.
We make it easier.

Kiido is a companion app for divorced and separated couples enabling them to be better co-parents

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Kiido’s super features

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Communicating with your ex can be atough mission.

Kiido lets you message reliably and objectively with your ex and everyone in your circle of trust - group chats, private discussions with your lawyer, and exporting any chat if needed. No chat can be altered or deleted. Plus, contextual intelligent interventions offer opportunities to pause and reflect thereby reducing conflict.


Organizing with your ex, parents, step-parents, child-care, third parties, and others will no longer be daunting.

Kiido lets you keep all your appointments, activities, and connections in one place and share as needed. Kiido is sensitive to multiple households - smart notifications, preset event categories, permission-based sharing of documents from a secured vault, and more helps you stay on top.

Coordination calendar Coordination calendar
Coordination calendar


You did not work well as partners, it's true, and it should not mean that you cannot be good co-parents.

Kiido provides tools needed to gain visibility into all financials related to co-parenting. Child support, alimony payments, expense requesting and tracking just became easier. This transparency and intelligence promotes confidence while being apart.

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You are a co-parent now. And you thought that separation was the hardest thing.

Kiido provides access to smart and vetted content enabling you to recover from your divorce, envision your new life as a single parent, while learning to be an effective co-parent.

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