Yes. We run under HTTPS, use TLS for data transfer, and are hosted in the Amazon Web Services data center in France (meaning we benefit from all of their security certifications). Full details can be found here.

A Circle of Trust is a concept within Kiido to organize your co-parenting household. A Circle of Trust (CoT) gets created when you create a new user in Kiido. Besides that you can be invited to other Circles of Trust as a co-parent, family member, or a service provider (like a therapist, lawyer, babysitter).

No. Kiido doesn’t sell any user data.

Kiido is meant for separated and divorced couples to be better co-parents. So any one member of a divorced couple can open an account with Kiido and then invite other coparents, friends and family, and service providers like lawyers, mediators, wellness experts to Kiido. We have room for all in Kiido.

The My Account section is only accessible to you, as is most of the information you enter there. Your account and contact information, status, login credentials, and notification settings are only visible to you. Information about children, their activities/events on the calendar that the other co-parent has been added to is visible to them.

Whether you are in the office, at home or on the go, you can use Kiido anytime on a smartphone or tablet running on the latest and most popular Android or IoS . You can easily download the application from Google PlayStore or Apple AppStore.

No. The co-parent who creates the Circle of Trust usually pays the subscription fee to Kiido. Then, as with other shared expenses, they can decide whether or not to share the cost.

No. Guest members do not pay dues for the Circle of Trust to which they have been invited. You only pay a membership fee if you create a "new" Circle of Trust as a co-parent.

Kiido's headquarters are located in France. The Kiido app is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store for the following countries: France, Spain, Sweden, Belgium and Poland. If you need to use the app in other countries, please send us an email at support@kiido.fr.

Yes, both co-parents can invite others to join the Circle of Trust. Kiido allows you to specify different relationships when inviting friends or other family members.

To make Kiido a sustainable initiative that benefits a large number of people, we need to charge subscription fees after the trial period. We have different types of subscription - from 1 month to 1 year subscriptions.

Yes, Kiido is a European company with its headquarters in France. We follow strict privacy and data protection rules and processes to ensure the security of our customers' data. Read our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use for more details.

Kiido partners with a verified Open Banking provider (currently Klarna Kosmo) for facilitating transfer of money between bank accounts across Europe. Presently we provide transfers only in Euros. If you like to deep dive into financial regulatory frameworks, learn more about Open Banking Standards here. First transfer is free on Kiido always. Post that we expect you to buy a subscription with us for unlimited transfers.

Kiido partners with CometChat for end to end encrypted messaging between all members of the circle of trust inside Kiido. The end-to-end encryption system of communication where only the users communicating can read the messages. In principle, it prevents potential eavesdroppers – including telecom providers, Internet providers, malicious actors, and even the provider of the communication service – from being able to access the cryptographic keys needed to decrypt the conversation. Learn more here.

Check-Ins allow you to document your precise location in a particular moment. Check-ins allow you to create a GPS-verified log of your presence at important locations, and they only allow you to share a location within 500 feet from your actual location at that time. In order to make sure that the shared location you selected is within 500 feet, the app needs to access your location at the time you create this entry. You can also keep notes and upload photos during a Check-In. This tool is perfect for confirming parenting time exchanges and verifying your presence at other important events.

Thank you for your interest in Kiido - the application for managing the daily lives of children of separated parents. You'll find a description of kiido's features on the homepage of the website. On the collaborators page, you'll find a description of how we can collaborate and mutually enrich our work to support the daily lives of separated parents and children. To become a Kiido Collaborator (our expert advisor) and have access to the Collaboration Agreement document, a minimum of availability and commitment is required. We would be happy to speak with you and explain further. We are available every Thursday (morning or afternoon) for a video call (Google meet) lasting around 10 minutes. Please contact our partnership team at bonjour@kiido.fr .

Yes, Mediation is definitely possible on video - to be done remotely. It is, in fact, entirely possible to envisage mediation at a distance, by videoconference or audio telephone. Of course, the framework must remain identical to that of face-to-face mediation, especially as regards the confidentiality of exchanges. This more flexible approach is highly effective and often yields excellent results. It may be suitable for people who wish to avoid having to travel (geographical distance, professional constraints, atypical lifestyle, expatriate families, transport difficulties, etc.) or who do not wish to be physically in the presence of the other person, but are aware that a dialogue is necessary. Jointly exercising parental authority, reaching agreements and bringing peace to the parents' relationship are just some of the reasons why family mediation can naturally be set up. What's more, in certain situations, it's preferable to set up mediation at a distance, with the help of an experienced family mediator, rather than doing nothing at all to ease the family conflict! Distance doesn't prevent communication, nor the bond. In fact, it can even help you to step back and deal with your emotions.

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