For Family Lawyers, Mediators, Divorce Counselors, Psycotherapists

Divorces and separations usually are a tumultuous period for a family - both for the couple and more so for the children

And lawyers specializing in family law, divorce counselors, family mediators, psychotherapists are the first witnesses to this mess. You have the tremendous power to improve the future well being of the children involved and the separatedcouple.

We present Kiido

Experts advise that while co-parenting with your ex, it's best to focus on tasks-in-hand and not on the past

Communication, Coordination, and Collaboration demand attention in this new structure of 2 households, in the interest of both children and co-parents. This provides an extraordinary time window to offer a set of services to co-parents to create a better future and provide structured upbringing for the children in the middle of this change.

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Kiido is a companion app for divorced and separated couples enabling them to be better co- parents

  • a tool to schedule events and activities

  • a safe space to store and share documents

  • conduct private discussions with lawyers

  • learn how to be more mindful as a co parent

  • a way to securely transfer money for child support etc.

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a powerful tool that continues your support for your customers beyond your traditional services

provide a secure space to share documents and photos with complete peace of mind

a safe way to communicate with your customers when you choose


By 2019 statistics, there are about 8 million single parent households in Europe

Increasing divorces, decreasing marriages, more kids born outside of traditional relationships - all these prominent social trends are amplified by the aftereffects of the Pandemic, the inflation, and the current war in Europe.

The family courts are overwhelmed with many cases of divorce and separation

There is no good way of understanding the compliance of agreements by each of the coparents. This leads to longer and complicated court cases wasting precious resources and more often than all overall dissatisfaction for everyone involved - particularly if small children are involved

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Alexandra Vatimbella

Couples therapist / Sexologist / Sophrologist

I'm a clinical sexologist with a background in art therapy and sophrology. I use multiple artistic techniques and tools adapted to the individual sensibilities of my clients, to help them have a better understanding of their erotic profile and potential.

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Yohann Epinoux

Marital and family therapist

My job is to listen sympathetically and without judgment to the couple and each of its members, and to provide you with the advice and tools you need to regain serenity.

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Elisabeth Bertrand

Professional Mediator

I help people maintain, develop and restore their relationships with those around them. In the context of a separation or divorce, it means accompanying the couple in their decisions, as well as those close to them, accompanying the breakdown of the marital relationship and preserving family relationships.

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Fabien Éon


As a professional mediator since 2010, I help people and organizations build trust in relationships, resolve conflicts and implement concrete tools to maintain quality relationships.

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Isadora Alvarenga

Family law attorney

As a family law attorney in Paris, I specialize in all types of divorce proceedings, including divorce by mutual consent ("divorce à l'amiable") and contentious divorce, as well as proceedings to set and review visiting and accommodation rights.

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Stéphanie Patois

ANDC® Relationship Therapist

I work with adults, children, adolescents and couples helping them open up their emotional world and act on their true needs. The aim of my therapy is to treat the unhappiness that everyone may feel at some point in their lives.

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Fernando Salgado

Clinical Psychologist

I'll be delighted to welcome you to a safe, warm and calm environment. My therapeutic approach is to help you understand and resolve psychological conflicts, while keeping in mind the uniqueness of each individual and his or her history. The work of talking becomes therapeutic as soon as a process of thought elaboration is established over the course of the sessions. The aim is to provide a place for self-expression, a place where each person's voice can be heard on a case-by-case basis. I conduct my treatments in French or Portuguese.

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Emma Scali Minatchy Bitton

Couple Therapist

As a psychoanalyst, couple and family therapist, I work with teenagers and adults on their personal and family problems.

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Luisa De Sousa


Clinical psychologist with over 10 years' experience. Having worked in hospitals and child protection agencies, and for several years in schools and private practice, I have acquired experience in providing individual support from children to adults, and in guiding families and professionals.

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Cécile Ekedi

Couple Therapist

I'm a couple and sex therapist, helping women and men as well as couples to resolve their communication problems, recurring conflicts or misunderstandings, relationship difficulties and/or sexual issues. I also work with teenagers (aged 15 and over) who are experiencing communication difficulties, relationship problems, risky behavior, etc.

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Fanny Ségalas

Life coach

As a life coach, I help people find the answers to their questions within themselves, using specific, personalized protocols. I work mainly on self-confidence and self-esteem. I also help victims of manipulation to regain control of their lives. I offer individual life coaching sessions at home or by video, and an online autobiographical and therapeutic writing workshop (which combines coaching sessions).

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Youlun Eon Lee


I support people and organizations to build quality relationships based on trust, pleasure and know-how. Based on my international and multidisciplinary background, I provide the people I support with a broad, concrete and creative vision of their projects, facilitating decision-making. Trilingual French, English, Mandarin Chinese, I am also a judicial mediator, registered on the list of mediators of the Paris Court of Appeal.

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Francine Summa

Family mediator at the Paris Court of Appeal

I am a member of the Paris Bar, specializing in Family and Estate Law, and was admitted to the Honorary Bar in December 2018. I am contacted by parents in the process of separating to help them find solutions for alternating residence or to define the best visiting and accommodation rights for the parent (often the father) obliged to find accommodation for himself and his children and also to live with them and his new partner and her children (blended families).

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Manon Lagrange

Family Mediator

I'm a family mediator with several years' experience in parenting support and family conflict resolution. My passion for mediation and my commitment to the well-being of families have guided me throughout my career. My goal as a family mediator is to create a safe and caring environment where families can express themselves, understand their underlying issues and work together to find constructive solutions.

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Katia Laval

Family Mediator and Couple Therapist

I offer you a space for reflection to renew dialogue, ease tensions and address concrete aspects of your family organization. Marital difficulties, separation, family reorganization, conflict with your teenager: you're going through a sensitive period and would like to find constructive and lasting levers for change. I'll work with you at your own pace to help you work out ways to overcome this crisis situation together.

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Sophie Lavaley

Marriage and Family Counselor

I work with couples and people in conflict to help them find a course of action: restore communication and links, make decisions, organize a change of life: divorce, separation, redefine the place and role of each within the family. Bring parents to find the best solutions for their children by keeping a parenting role even if the marital aspect is deteriorated. It's the prettiest gift to offer to the "darlings" - to keep a coherent course of action by overcoming your own conflicts for the serenity of the home.

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Dominique Dapei

State-certified family mediator

I work in family mediation - private practice and in prisons. Family mediation helps maintain or restore the family bond in situations of family conflict, particularly with regard to children. I create a space for listening and dialogue, accompanying people to help them find lasting solutions and agreements. Dominique Dapei is a family mediator at the Paris Court of Appeal.

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Emile Ajavon

State certified family mediator

I help parents find amicable solutions to their family conflicts, whatever they may be. I have over 11 years' experience in family mediation, with a specialization in international cases, including the application of the Hague Convention of October 25, 1980 on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction. Author of the book Un autre regard sur l'intérêt de l'enfant, I also take part in training courses on children's rights, and sit on the jury for the state diploma in family mediation, helping students to obtain their diploma.