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2023-07-26 17:30:00
2/200 45 min
Keys to managing the challenges of co-parenting

What are the biggest challenges in coparenting? How can you better manage them?
Kiido is organizing its first free webinar with the help of our specialist collaborators to present you with the keys to better managing the challenges of co-parenting, with a focus on the summer program to put an end to the headache of vacations as separated parents!

event collaborator

Yohann Epinoux

Marital and family therapist

My job is to listen sympathetically and without judgment to the couple and each of its members, and to provide you with the advice and tools you need to regain serenity.

event collaborator

Dominique Dapei

State-certified family mediator

I work in family mediation - private practice and in prisons. Family mediation helps maintain or restore the family bond in situations of family conflict, particularly with regard to children. I create a space for listening and dialogue, accompanying people to help them find lasting solutions and agreements. Dominique Dapei is a family mediator at the Paris Court of Appeal.

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